Mildred Elley Student and Mother of Four Receives Scholarship for Parenting Students

Scholarship for Pregnant & Parenting Students

The foundation awarded its fourth educational grant to Crystal Lewin, mother of 4 and Mildred Elley student.
Published: August 1, 2023

On June 27th, 2023, The Kathleen Mullally Foundation awarded its fourth educational grant to Ms. Crystal Lewin. This nonprofit organization, founded by recent Queens College graduate and Students for Life of America activist Josephine Rose, seeks to award educational grants to pregnant or parenting students. The award ceremony was held at and in partnership with a local pregnancy resource center, The Bridge to Life. The event was held in the resource center’s conference room at their new location in College Point.

Kathleen Mullally Foundation: A Scholarship for Pregnant & Parenting Students

The educational grant was inspired by the Students for Life of America Pregnant on Campus Initiative, a program aimed at creating a support network on college campuses for pregnant or parenting students, as well as advocating for and educating those students. 

“It is so important to support mothers and remind them that what they are doing is inspirational, especially in a culture and climate that devalues motherhood,” said Ms. Rose during the ceremony.

Educational Grant Awarded to Crystal Lewin, Mother & Mildred Elley Student

Crystal Lewin, the recipient, attends the Mildred Elley vocational school for social work. Lewin was working as a nurse while parenting her three older children, driving them back and forth in the wee hours of the morning from childcare to the shelter where they were staying:

“We reached the area of the shelter at least thirty minutes later and had to seek parking and pray for safety. I had no clue what or who was out at that time of night. Eventually, I had to just let my job go. It was too much for me so I trusted in GOD to lead the way. With all of this going on, I still don’t know what it’s like to struggle even after plenty of mistakes I have made in life. GOD has always come through for me and my children, but the battles I faced within were where I felt the most confused and nearly defeated because of the lies I chose to believe.”

Looking for support, Crystal asked her obstetrician if she knew of any resources for women in her situation. That was how Crystal found The Bridge to Life. “I called in to make an appointment and counted down the days for it to arrive… as soon as I arrived I was greeted with joy. Everyone was willing to help and provide anything they could to assist me… There were clothes for Heaven, Chance & Genesis. I was even able to get things for my growing belly and toys for the kids, I appreciate it all.”

It was Francesca, the executive director of The Bridge To Life, who referred her to the scholarship application.

“Crystal was an obvious choice,” said Ms. Rose, President of the Kathleen Mullally Foundation. “Her faith, graciousness, and perseverance shown through her application.” Crystal plans to use the award to complete her training in social work and pursue crisis counseling. She hopes to help other young women who may be going through similar trials, “I will understand the system and what they are going through…GOD has helped me through this so that I can help others,” Crystal said at the ceremony.

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