Kishauna Givans: Spring 2022 Scholarship Recipient


Congrats to Kishauna Givans, the Kathleen Mullally scholarship recipient for the Spring 2022 semester.
Published: June 16, 2022

Two weeks ago, The Kathleen Mullally Foundation awarded its second educational grant to Ms. Kishauna Givans. This nonprofit organization, founded by recent Queens College graduate and Students for Life of America activist Josephine Rose, seeks to award educational grants to pregnant or parenting students. The award ceremony was held at and in partnership with a local pregnancy resource center, The Bridge to Life.

The event was held in the resource center’s conference room at their new location in College Point. The educational grant was inspired by the Students for Life of America Pregnant on Campus Initiative, a program aimed at creating a support network on college campuses for pregnant or parenting students, as well as advocating for and educating those students.

“It is so important to support mothers and remind them that what they are doing is inspirational, especially in a culture and climate that devalues motherhood.”

Ms. Rose during the ceremony

Kishauna Givans, the recipient, is a recent graduate of Queens College, and is continuing with her Master’s Degree in public health. When she was diagnosed with paralysis in her home country, Kishauna came to New York as a young woman seeking medical treatment. After successfully recovering from her diagnosis and battling the public health system, Kishauna sought to help other new arrivals to the country navigate the confusing and intimidating public health infrastructure.
When Kishauna arrived at the Bridge to Life resource center, she was surprised that such a resource existed for women. “I wish I knew about this place when I was pregnant!” Kishauna quipped, while her husband held their one-year-old son in his lap. She was inspired to spread the word about the resource center, in the hopes that other young women may traverse the daunting New York City public health system without fear

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